Thursday, 5 August 2021


Hardwood floors make a stunning feature of any home. Pets can make it difficult to keep your hardwood floors looking great. At Luton Floor Sanding We install and refinish hardwood floors in many homes for pet owners, including Dachshunds and Dalmatians. There are many options that can help you maintain your floors' beauty. These are some wood floor refinishing tips that you can use to maintain your floors' beauty.

Select a Lighter Stain

A lighter color will hide minor injuries that your pet may cause. They can also conceal the dirt and dust they bring home from outings better. To conceal this, you might also want to get a shade that is close to the fur of your dog.

Avoid Glossy Finishes

A glossy finish is tempting for pet owners, but it should not be used. Satin or matte finishes will conceal scratches and dings better, while still looking great. Although we may think that scratches on the floor are caused by our pets, we can actually cause as much damage to the floors. The most common causes of scratches and dents are high heels, tennis shoes that have pebbles in their soles, and furniture being moved. You can keep your floors looking great for longer by choosing satin or matte.

Trim Your Toenails

Your floors will be protected if your dog keeps his nails trim. Your dog's nails should be trimmed every one to two months. This is a simple rule: If your dog clicks when they walk, you should trim their nails every other month. Mats placed in front of doors can also be helpful. Mats can trap dirt and other small stones that could otherwise scratch your wood floors.


It's easier than you might think to refinish your floors. Our new BONA dustless system will ensure that there is no dust in your home. It takes it in as sand and then sends it to a container outside. Your pets and you don't need to go. You don't need to use plastic sheeting to divide rooms. Your ventilation system will also not be affected by dust.

Luton Floor Sanding is the best place to call if you're thinking of refinishing your wood floors. Call us at 01582206 250, or contact us online for a no-obligation consultation in your home!

Monday, 17 February 2020

Solid Wood Flooring As Structural Boards

Strong hardwood floors, as any frequent reader of this site will know are floors which are made from planks which are cut from a single piece of timber. They may be made from oak, ash, pine or walnut, but the gap between solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring is the building of the plank. Solid wood flooring is a completely natural product that has minimal interference from person, whereas engineered wood flooring is a combination of natural products that are secured together to create a secure and strong board.

Solid wood flooring was used for structural purposes for centuries and there's no reason why that should stop now. In older buildings that are hundreds of years old, you will often typically find the original solid wood floor that has been laid over the beams or joists, as they're known. Effectively, the good wood flooring is laid perpendicular to the beams so as to create the floor of the space in question.The fact that solid wood may be used for this purpose hasn't changed through the years, but also for speed, ability and cost reasons, in most instances this style of construction is no more used. Contemporary day construction techniques tend to rely on concrete as the subfloor of selection, over that an engineered hardwood flooring will typically be laid.

All of that said, there's a tendency across the world at the moment for people to seek out traditional construction methods and to update them to make them even more efficient from a heating loss point of view prior to adopting them in the construction of their houses. This can be seen where houses have a cellar for example and it's feasible to lay solid wood planks directly over the beams which will make up the ceiling of the cellar and the room immediately over.

If you are planning to use solid wood flooring as structural boards, there are several things that you Want to bear in mind:

  • You need to make sure that the joists aren't too far apart. Generally speaking the guideline is that to properly support a solid wood floor, joists should be no longer than 450mm apart. In case your joists are farther apart than that there are two potential options. The first is to pay your own joists with ply or chipboard (see point number 5. Beneath ); the second is to introduce noggins and, or dentures to back up your flooring. Put very simply, noggins are bits of timber and braces are bits of steel. Both noggins and braces can be put between joists to provide additional support, allowing hardwood flooring to be fitted straight to joists and ensuring a steady end result. Which option you decide on will depend completely on your situation and if you are in doubt, you should seek expert advice before laying your floor.
  • You need to establish that there are venting points in the space between the ground and the ceiling below. This can be important from an insulation, comfort and economic perspective.
  • It is important to ascertain a suitable method of insulation, particularly if your flooring is to be laid over an unheated space eg. A garage or a cellar. If your flooring is being laid within a heated space however, you might decide that it is best to not insulate the space to enable warm air to pass out of the area below.
  • It's a good idea in certain circumstances to think about the introduction of a plywood or chipboard subfloor, which will make your final floor more secure in addition to removing any doubts regarding the design of your joists.
  • You ought to pick a solid wood flooring plank that's at least 18mm thick if you're planning to use it as a structural plank, 20mm even better. Any thinner and you could face difficulties.
If you're thinking about buying a solid hardwood flooring and wish to fit it straight over joists, why not contact us for some advice? We've got many, many years of hardwood floors experience and will happily discuss that with you in order that will help you make the proper choices for your job.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Your Home is Our Priority

Your Home is Our Priority

Priority for us is to provide high quality floor renovation services. If you have a renovation ideas for your home is good to start a floor sanding procedure, this can change the complete vision of your home or office ! We think it is better to restore or renovate an existing wooden floor rather than just replace it. There are many reasons for this, like that hardwood have more character and patina, authentic wood is usually higher quality than modern machined boards. When your home floors are well treated they are able to change the complete view of the area and we guarantee that they will look amazing after our visitation because a company rule is to provide the best sanding services!

Sanding will transform every interior and do not forget that things look better when they are sitting on sparkling floor. Every step we take it matters, to feel good and relaxed at your own is the important, this is way we say that we are happy for you to walk on our reputation! We have learned by the years is that flooring is very important part of each home. Our experts are the best in wooden floors business, and they will be working for your home’s remodeling the way you dream this to happen and most of all for you to feel fresh and happy looking how shiny your rooms are again!

Monday, 24 July 2017

Refreshing your wooden floor in the way you dream of

Refreshing your wooden floor in the way you dream of

You prefer a clear and fresh floor? You have a wooden floor at home or in your office? But it’s not so easy to keep it looking good, right? And now you want to renovate it, but how exactly? Here are some advices for you that will definitely help you with the restoration in your wooden floor.

Sanding is the best refreshing technique for your wooden floor. Don’t be afraid, forget about the heavy dust clouds it your apartment. We work with new generation dust free sanding machines! We sand the wood in a modern way that ensures a long lasting effect. Your floor will look fresh and cool many years after the restoration. And that’s for sure because our customers’ children love floor skating with socks on the refreshed floor!

But first of all, you need to prepare the floor for sanding. Move the furniture and take down the drapes. That’s needed because we want to keep everything perfectly clean. Yes, we work with a modern, 99% dust FREE sanding machines. But also we want to be sure that there will be not a single drop of dust in your place, office or apartment. Remember, the preparation of the floor is a very important process - some floor types need more specific preparation - it depends on the wood. But we have a long-time experience in renovating, gap filling, sanding, polishing and any kind of care for your wooden floor! That’s why we guarantee a special treatment for every kind of wooden floor - and our customers are glad with this!

After the sanding, maybe you will think about polishing your brand new floor? But you are confused - what kind of varnish to choose? Don’t worry, our specialist at floor buffing will choose the best varnish technique for your wooden floor, so that it can look really flat, shiny and most of all - refreshed!

You want to know how it feels to step on a refreshed wooden floor? Contact us if you need special advices for your own floor.